Phonetic Content Filter for WordPress

What the shazbot is the Bleep Filter?

Bleep Filter uses an advanced phonetic algorithm to capture not only specific words but also their many variations including misspellings and obfuscation.

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A Better Bad Word Filter

Millions of comments are posted to WordPress websites every day. People post so much content online it can be hard to screen every submission. Bleep Filter will capture more of the words you want without the extra work.

Passively filter comments and posts

The Bleep Filter plugin passively works with your blog to allow for more control with how your content is displayed. Your content is never permanently edited so you can customize your filtering options and styles as much as you want.

Filter Styles

Choose your filter style with blackout          words, spoiler blackout words, erase, strikeout, *****, and !@*%!#

Easy to Setup

Setup will only take a few minutes and is very easy to do. All you have to do is add the words you want, select what to filter, and choose the style you want.

Bring on the Spoilers

Using the spoilers style hides the words from plain site but allows viewers to read it when the text is highlighted.


About the Bleep Filter Plugin

What is the Bleep Filter plugin?

The Bleep Filter plugin is a free and open source advanced content filtering plugin for WordPress. Commonly used as a bad word filter, this plugin offers a variety of applications for your needs. Easily add the words you want to filter out and the plugin will find those words in your blog's comments, posts, and rss feeds and replace them in a variety of styles.

So how does it work?

Most bad word filters use simple one for one matching of words. This makes filtering difficult because it forces you to think of every possible spelling for each word in every situation for it to be effective.

For example you want to filter the word shazbot. Normally you add the word to the filter and hope the correct spelling is used. What happens if the user types the word shaazzzboughtte! or even sh@zb0t!? Would the filter pick it up?

Bleep Filter is different

Using a highly advanced phonetic algorithm, not only is the spelling being detected but also how the word sounds. This makes it much more difficult for mischievous posters to bypass the filter intentionally.

With the Bleep Filter plugin all you have to do is add your words and the plugin takes care of the rest.

Installing the plugin on WordPress

The Easy Way

Search for the Bleep Filter plugin in your WordPress admin menu using this plugin guide.

The Less Easy Way

First download the plugin here

Once you have the plugin downloaded, unzip the folder named bleep-filter and place it into your wordpress directory under /wp-content/plugins/

Activating the plugin

Now that you have the plugin folder installed, log into your WordPress admin menu and go to the Plugins panel. Click Activate link under theBleep Filter plugin title.

A new menu panel titled Bleep Filter will now be visible in your admin menu. Add words to the filtered words and edit the settings to filter what you want. It really is that easy!